API's now missing in your "BETA" version and Collections now open in Chrome not in Postman app

Opened Postman today and all of my collections in the tree are gone.
Found them in a “Collections” page, but when I click on one it doesn’t open up in the tree view like it did on Friday, instead it opens in Chrome.
I’m not sure what was changed but now it says “BETA” over the “API” tab and all of my APIs are gone. All of my work for a month is gone…
Not sure how to get it back.
HELP. I’m mortified.

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Postman for Windows

Version 7.2.2

win32 10.0.17134 / x64

Hi @aspoehrer_crane

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Can you check if you are on browse mode on the app? If yes, please toggle the button to “Build” located in the footer of the application.

Once you are signed in, all of the collections/data are synced with the servers. You should find all of the synced collections in the links below:

Click on “Share” for a particular collection to have them back in your workspace.


I’m unsure where you are finding that because mine doesn’t have those options.

Ahh thank you.
I was looking at the top of the app screen instead of the bottom.
Found it and toggled and all back.
Had no idea because it didn’t indicate anything about the browser so I wasn’t able to interpret it just by the button being grey.
Appreciate it!