Postman App appears empty

Hi, I think and remember that the last use of “Postman” was before the OS update. on Windows 11.
Now if I open “POSTAMAN” I don’t see anything… Help me.
“POSTMAN” asks to log in, but then opens a Citrix page… …and I don’t know what to do
What can I do to reload all my projects?
Where are my projects?
How do I log in with the Google user I think I signed up with?
Because at this point I’m not sure of anything anymore. Thanks a lot, bye

Hey @Enrico.1964

That citrix page isn’t part of Postman, are you using this on an internal network? A VPN or behind a firewall?

Are you able to see your Workspaces by going to on a web browser.

You might get more targeted account related support by reaching out to us on

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