Postman API endpoints to manage big collections

The Postman API exposes several endpoints that can simplify working with big collections. When a collection is too big, doing a PUT of the whole collection is a very expensive operation, and it can fail because of multiple reasons (mainly timeouts).
These endpoints can simplify your workflows:

  • Collection PATCH endpoint. It allows you to change a collection partially. You can change things like the name, description, auth, variables, and events (scripts).
  • Collection items endpoints. These endpoints allow to CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) requests, folders, and responses individually, without having to PUT the whole collection.
  • Collection items transfers endpoints. The Transfers endpoints enable you to move collection items between different collections or folders.

All these endpoints should be useful when dealing with big collections.
If you have a use case that is not solved using these endpoints, please let us know.


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