Postman adding a line break when pastying on body

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Postman is adding a line break when copying values into the body as x-www-form-urlencoded
Hi, this might seem like a silly question, I have looked everywhere in the community and couldn’t find an answer, so I am creating a new topic, if this is not the correct place, please let me know.
the issue is that when copying long values into the body (the body being setup as x-www-form-urlencoded, it adds a “break line”, which then “corrupts” the actual data being pasted and therefore making the request fail.
in this specific case, I am trying to pass the value “private_key” as part of an oauth authentication, the “private_key” value is actually the X.509 certificate needed for the authentication, I have added some screenshots that explain a bit better

Details (like screenshots):
this is the key I am passing
however, when pasting into Postman, you can see it adds a “line break”

subsequently, the request fails with a “invalid X.509 private key”
I am racking my brain trying to figure this one out
any help would be really appreciated
thank you