How to send multiline string in post request?

I wanted to do some testing by sending a string which has line breaks.

So I click on “Body” and “form-data”, and click “bulk edit”.

Then you can put in a key and value separated by a colon. But if I write a string with a line break, only the first line is sent in the request.
For instance:


Only hellohello gets through.

Is there a way to make it accept line breaks somehow?
I can send such strings from javascript using a template string ``. But it would be more convenient to use Postman.

Hi @galivan, Welcome to the community!

I replicated your scenario, it is possible to achieve multiline by using the enter symbol ‘↵’.

You may write data in key value edit and then change it to bulk edit this symbol is automatically populated.

Also, in case of bulk edit each new line refers to new key value pair. When you used enter then value for key “thing” ended at hellohello, next line expected a new key value pair.

For your use case, you may use:


Hope this helps :slight_smile: