Post Query for a field that starts with a specified string


Very new to Postman and know enough to do a basic query.

My question is how do I do partial matches for a query, or search for a field that starts with a specific string?

“Query”: “ItemId = Item”

I would like the above query to pull back all items that start with Item. (i.e. ItemA, ItemB, ect)

I have tried the following operators

and many more.

Hey @schiky :wave:

Welcome to the Postman community! :postman:

Are you able to expand on the information here, please?

What type of endpoint is it? Is it a GraphQL endpoint?

Do you have any public facing documentation that you’re following?

If you’re referring to a query parameter to filter to response, do you know if that endpoint has that implemented?

Any visual examples that you can attach to the question?