Postman's handling of GraphQL mutations vs queries

This seems like I missed something very basic, but Postman appears to use the term and type of Query for all GraphQL operations

Typically, a a query is a read operation, and a mutation is create/update. (screenshot from Insomnia to show how an endpoint and appears there -we are using Postman for automated testing). I’ve done a bunch of successful query tests with Postman. The Query tab of Insomnia (when clicked on) just shows the URL.

In Postman, when I try to send the mutation shown in Insomnia, I get an error that says
“message”: “Cannot query field “createThing” on type “Mutation”.”

I wasn’t really trying to query per se, and the mutation works in Insomnia. Is there another setting one needs to tweak for mutations to work in Postman?

Hey, @imageekgirl,

It looks like something’s off on the server side. I’d recommend checking your schema. You can get schema validation and autocomplete inside Postman by including your schema in a Postman API entity (Documentation).

That error message is a standard GraphQL error. It’s saying it can’t find the mutation createThing in your schema.