GraphQL API Request Syntax

How is a value set against a sub field like status id and status name below?

  openOrders(limit: 10, tabName: "new") {

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Could you share which API this is from or the documentation?

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I wrote a conditional expression to filter out records from the openRecord query that do not have a of 8,9,10,
entered into Tests as:

pm.test("Check status name", function () {
  const responseData = pm.response.json();
  const status = responseData.alertStatusID;
  pm.expect([8, 9, 10].includes(status) ? : "Order").to.exist;

Test Result is Pass

But It does not actually filter so openRecord query still returns all records
Where should this condition expression filter be placed?

API Documentation

Open Records:

  • lastUpdate (String): filter by date string
  • limit (Int): Number of records returned
  • skip (Int): Skip a certain number of records
  • tabName (String): filter by tab name: all, today, new, in process

Record Details:
Input: ids: [ID]!
Output: [Records]

Search Records by recordID, recordName:
regex (String!): This parameter accepts a regular expression (regex) string as input.
byOrder (Boolean!): true = recordID, false = recordName
Output: [Records] - record details

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