Can not create environment variables in new workspace

Hi: according to post man API documentation in order to create an environment variable inside a specific workspace we can use the query parameter to reference the desired workspace, but it is not working both from the postman UI tool as well as python request code. E.g. I have a personal workpace called test but the code “curl -X POST
'” doesn’t work, and I got an error message saying “{“error”:{“name”:“instanceNotFoundError”,“message”:“We could not find the workspace you are looking for”}}”. I have double check and the workspace exist but don’t know the reason for the error message.

@rjilani I think you’re passing the workspace name which is incorrect.
You need to pass the id of the workspace name as the value of the workspace query param.
And your updated URL would be looking something like this:

In case you don’t know the ID of the workspace, you can just get all workspaces and find the ID in the response list.

Thanks it worked like a charm after putting the workspace id.