Possible setting to resize the manage environments window in Postman UI?

Is there a setting to permit the resizing of the manage environments window? Currently it is a fixed size and that prevents easily viewing the values in the variable | value | value fields.


I too would in interested in having the ability to move/resize the Manage Environments window. When I am trying to create a new variable I find myself having to leave the Manage Environments window in order to view something right behind that window.

Note: this might be better suited in a feature request. I do not believe there is a way currently to do that.

My thought was to make sure it wasn’t available to do first, as maybe I had missed some way to do this. If confirmed it can’t currently be done, then I agree it should be a feature request.

was this ever logged as a feature request (or did you find an existing setting)? I’d really like to be able to do this, managing environment variables currently is very difficult

@paul.mooney, @Whersh and @glen.macdonald
This isn’t possible right now, but I saw that a feature request regarding the same has been raised here:

It’d be great if you guys could weigh in there and follow the thread for any updates around it.