Paginated custom reporter ?possible

@deepakpathania789 : i know you are maintaining the colored html reporter ? i have a specific asks from the project

  1. Can we have the failed test cases in the top
    2.paginate the test cases for large no of records say 1…10 11.20 … upto 200 ?

Is the above requirements possible ?
Thanks a Lot
K.Thulsi Doss

Hey @krishnandoss08, I believe by colored, you’re referring to one of the handlerbars templates posted by one of our users. We do not maintain those directly, we only maintain this reporter which has the basic functionalities required for the HTML report.

Since different people might have different requirements from the reporter, it is not feasible to update the default template to reflect all those features. We, therefore, recommend people to update the template as per their needs.

A lot of people have done the same in the community but we do not maintain any of those customized templates ourselves. I would recommend talking to the community member whose template you’re using or customizing it yourself as per your needs.

Hope this helps.

Hi @deepakpathania789 greetings. Thanks for the prompt response . We are looking for authoritative answer on the requirement . Can you please answer if these two requirements are possible … would that be possible from handlebar js ? . Since you are packaging this reporting java script(handlebar) ,we are needing this authoritative answer .
I’m placing the requirements here
1.Showing the failures on the top
2. Paginating the test cases showing as prev,next.

Thanks a Lot
K.Thulsi Doss