Oracle P6 REST API into Postman

Hello, I’m trying to get Oracle P6 EPPM API into Postman, but I am unsuccessful of figuring it out. I have used the curls found on this page: P6 EPPM Rest API

But I kept receiving the error that the Json was in the incorrect format. Then I tried a different route, using the instructions provided on this website: Use Oracle Advanced Authentication REST APIs with Postman , but again it did not work.

If someone who had Oracle P6 and was able to get it into Postman, your help would be greatly appreciated.

Hey @vdouglastrc :wave:

Welcome to the Postman Community! :postman:

Did you import the the Collection and Environment files that were listed in those external pages?

What didn’t work after following the instructions on the site, these might be out of date not but that would be something that owners would need to clarify on the Oracle side.

If you have any screenshots of what you did in the app, it might help to show the problem.

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