Incorrect format when importing a JSON file in postman

I’m trying to import a testcase from readyAPI that was exported as an xml but converted to a json file, in postman. I already used a JSON validator to validate the JSON, but I still get the error that the file is an incorrect format. Is there something wrong with the file?

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That isn’t in a known format that would be recognised in Postman. It might be valid JSON but it would still need to be in a specific format. Collections, API Schema’s, Environments, Globals and data dumps can be imported.

I’m not sure what you have seen or noticed to suggest that it would import that format.

Could you expand on your use case here?

Hi @danny-dainton, thanks for replying

My team is planning on migrating from readyapi to postman. I was wondering if there was an easy way of migrating the scripts. I thought if I exported the test case file (xml) and then converted it to JSON, I can import it in postman. Do you know of a way or will the migration be purely manual?

Hi @lunar-module-engin14

You might find this article helpful. Now You Can Easily Migrate Your Data from Other API Clients to Postman | Postman Blog