Open Source Community Africa Festival (OSCAFEST)

The Open Source Community Africa Festival (OSCAFEST) is a prestigious
yearly conference that garners a significant turnout of students,
developers, designers, and corporate entities. It encompasses an array of
talks, workshops, and initiatives aimed at promoting the growth of open
source culture, contribution, development, community, etc., across the

This year, I will be speaking on the topic OAuth Done Right: Best practices for Protecting User Data.

OAuth 2.0 is an important aspect of API data security. It is an open-standard authorization protocol that allows third-party applications to access user information from various sources such as Microsoft, Google, Twitter, and many more. OAuth has become a popular authentication method for web and mobile applications because it provides a secure and easy way for users to grant access to their data without sharing their credentials. However, implementing OAuth in your application can be a challenging task if you donโ€™t follow good practices. Because it involves usersโ€™ data and privacy concerns, it is important to pay attention to the little details that give users and developers the best experience.

In this talk, we will discuss the best practices for implementing OAuth in your application. We will cover tips and good practices for implementing OAuth both as a provider and as a consumer of OAuth

The full event schedule can be found here and you can register via this link.