API Festival, Nairobi

API Festival is a premier event for developers in Africa who want to learn about the latest trends and best practices in the API industry. The conference is a 3-day event with the first two days being talks and sessions and the last day purely focused on workshops. The event is designed to create a platform to interact and educate on API literacy.

This year, I will be speaking on the topic Mastering Advanced API Testing Techniques: A Comprehensive Guide .

Achieving the utmost confidence in our APIs is paramount, and effective testing is the cornerstone for ensuring optimal performance and capability levels of our APIs. This workshop will delve into advanced API testing techniques, exploring a myriad of automated approaches that seamlessly integrate into our development workflows. This workshop will be filled with insightful demonstrations, real-world examples, and practical takeaways that will empower you to elevate your API testing game. Allowing attendees to gain the confidence needed to deliver robust, high-performing APIs.

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