Event | Navigating The Open Source World | In Person | Kaduna, Nigeria | 17th September 2022

This event will be the first physical event of Open Source Community Africa, Kaduna chapter. The event will house experienced speakers on open source from around the globe where they will be speaking on how to navigate the open source world from beginner to contributor before an over excited audience comprising of developers, designers, engineers and other tech talents.

The event will focus on “Roadmaps?” in Open Source. We want to get a glimpse of what it took experts to become experts in what they do in relation to open source. We want to take a peek into what innovative things Open source contributors are working on. We also want to spark a discussion around what the community thinks will be future trends and revolutionize the space. All topics are inclined towards helping beginners understand open source and how they can get started with open source in their related fields.

Here are some ideas that would be discussed at the event:

  • How to contribute to open source while learning technologies.
  • Tools most engineers use to contribute to open source.
  • Building and consuming APIs with Postman.
  • Recent developments that excite experts in the world of Open Source.

For this event, we are considering all talks to be in English.

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Yes, preaching the gospel of open source in Kaduna :star_struck: :dancer:

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