Off-Line Mode with limited network access

Is there any plan to allow the offline mode to function like it had in the past? I am unable to create collection, environment, API and flows. The past 7 years companies are locking down access for software from reach outside their companies. This makes it impossible to create an account. Then rely on the software team to download software to place on the share drive randomly since they do not want to support this software. Their words its not a full solution product.

If this is the only way to utilize the software, then this is a strictly educational software that is taught but unable to use in the corporate world. This means strict hospitals, governments, and private companies are unable to use this product. I have fell victim to this in multiple accounts having to using SoapUI instead.

Now with Cisco pushing API for networking control over CLI this is becoming more of a nuisance, since a lot of us began working in networking to avoid coding but seems its being forced more upon us. All while coders are pushing codes that are breaking our networks and we can not have access to the full Postman to get things working correctly. Maybe Cisco should find another software to teach us instead of limiting software.

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The Lightweight API Client is our local offline version, in order to use all the features of Postman you will require an account and be online and signed in to use it.

We have many users, which span a wide and diversity set of industries and sectors, we have been able to fulfil all of their strict regulations and standards.

We get heavily audited and have to adhere to multiple different regulations to keep all of our accreditations. You can read more about this on out trust site.

If you wanted to set up a chat with one of our solution engineers, I can arrange that. They would be happy to walk and talk through several solutions to the issues you’ve raised.

Reaching the site to login is the problem, specially in dark site. I am not the only one having his problem. Other consultants and government employees I’ve spoken with are also having this same problem. They are also forced to use the difficult SOAPUI. Companies are not wanting their configuration or code leaving their IT environment.

I can provide many more examples but after looking online, I am not the first person nor the last to voice this concern. The company owns this software and is their decision for how it’s used. I am sure your staff has voiced this concern as well and was silenced.

The details and reasoning behind the changes were explained in this blog post that we published in May of last year.

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