Postman Alternatives

You have crippled Postman by forcing account signups and cloud storage of business critical secrets. I cannot imagine a scenario where any developer on your team with an ounce of ethics or common sense would have supported this move, so I have to assume it was a decision made in a boardroom by non-technical folks who thought forcing account sign-ups and storage of data in the cloud was somehow going to increase revenues. No organization with a security team worth half a damn would increase their attack surface in this way. When your data stores are inevitably breached, leaking thousands of companies secrets onto the dark web for use by hackers, I hope you will remember - we told you it would happen.

Postman is fantastic software. It is so well designed I use it to teach networking concepts to people who are new to network programming. But the way you have crippled it to make offline saving of calls extremely impractical is a bridge too far. I have been using Postman and recommending it to others for years. That ends today.

If anyone has any good suggestions for what to replace the now useless Postman with (ApiDog looks good maybe) please reply to this thread with your experiences.

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