How do I purchase Postman for offline usage (large LAN)

We have a large LAN where we use postman collections behind a network. I have a process with Test Caffee that generates a postman collection into buckets of tests we run.

I wish to install the latest version. Now that postman requires login to use collections, is there any way to purchase postman for offline usage? Or any alternatives to get postman collections available?

I don’t mind upgrading. But for security reasons, I don’t want network access or a subscription model

I think I found the solution: Working With Postman | ReadyAPI Documentation (

Reading, smartbear created the OpenAPI spec. This looks perfect. I know I had purchased postman in the past under other another account

Let me know if you decide to support customers first again…and I’ll come back

  1. postman-collection-transformer - npm ( - node/npm required
  2. smartbear The World’s Most Popular API Testing Tool | SoapUI - free
  3. convert the collection to v1 and import

Works like a charm!

I would still like a ScratchPad like purchasable version of postman for offline use and permanent ownership…

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You can use the Lightweight API Client to send HTTP, WebSocket, gRPC, and GraphQL requests to test your APIs.

All of your work in the Lightweight API Client is stored locally and isn’t synced online with Postman.

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