OAuth2 cookies not been sent on request

[Postman app version 8.3.0]

I have an http application with Aoth2/OIDC Okta authentication.
When I try to “Get New Access Token”, a login page popped-up and I fill in my credentials, then receive a new token.
If I will click again on the “Get New Access Token” button, I will a receive a new token, while the login page will not show up.
From that I learned that cookies been saved in Postman.

When I’m sending my request with the new token, my server not receiving “sid” cookie, so the authentication failed, and it sends me again to Okta.
If I will “copy” the “sid” cookie from the response of the “Get New Access Token” authentication process (from Postman console), and add it to “Okta” domain in the Cookies manager, the request will authenticate successfully on the server.

I installed “older” Postman (v7.36.5) and every thing is working fine, so it looks that there is an issue with latest version.

What should I do so a request with a valid token will authenticate successfully on the server?


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