Get New Access Token responding intermittently with HTTP status 400

Describe the bug

In the past few months, I have had success interacting with OpenID authentication (Okta), using Postman to test authentication HTTP calls with my application. My app continues to login in Google Chrome.

However, over the last few weeks, Postman somehow stopped working with OpenID. Now, about 80% of my Get New Access Token requests in Postman fail with HTTP status 400, complaining about invalid / expired authorization codes. Any idea what is going on? OpenID works in Chrome, so I’m starting to suspect that something is wrong with Postman.

To Reproduce

  1. Use the Get New Access Token wizard to obtain JWT from an OIDC / OpenID 2.0 / OAuth Okta server, such as

Expected behavior

A JWT is returned.

App information (please complete the following information):

  • Postman Version 7.3.4
  • OS: macOS 10.12