Flows are missing. not showing

Hello Team,

I have created many flows & I am working on it since 15 days. Today i am not able to see
them, they are missing, Title is showing but flows are not showing. see the screenshot Please.

I have just open Postman desktop tool and not able to view the flow i have created. When i have clicked on new flow the heading is just created but flows option are missing.
not showing on web also.

Hey @ajaysingh1994
Thanks for reporting this. It looks like there’s an issue with our internal CDN deployment.

Be assured that your flows aren’t lost, they’re just not loading in the app right now.

We’re working on fixing this on priority. I’ll keep you updated with the progress here.

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Thanks for replying @samayverma
Please update on it.

This should be fixed on the web app. Try clearing your browser tab’s cache and try again.
Let me know if this is fixed for you. We’re working on fixing it on the desktop apps now.

Thanks @samayverma , :heart:
Issue has been fixed now on Web app.
Please also update when done on desktop app.

Should be fixed for the desktop app as well. :tada:
If you still find the issue, try clearing cache and reload

how do i clear cache in desktop app

Hi, @samayverma
Issue is still there in desktop app. i have tried everything, but flows does not load.
Facing same issue.