Not generate htmlextra using --bail folder in error cannot read property

Hello everyone,

I am noticing that if an error of the type is generated:

“Cannot read property ‘XXXXX’ of undefined”

Using the --bail folder and the htmlextra, the report html file is not generalized.
Do you know why it can be?

Thanks and regards.


Hey @pablovok,

If you want to create an issue on the reporter repo, with all the details about what you’re trying to do, I can take a look.

There’s an issue template on there to help guide some of these answers.

Hi @dannydainton ,

What data do you need to lift the defect?

Thanks and regards.


Just follow that link I provided and create an issue using one of the templates.

All the required information is on those templates :grin:

There I opened the defect:

Thanks @dannydainton!! :slightly_smiling_face:

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