No Insecure File Read and reading files

I am trying to understand what this flag is actually doing and preventing when using postman/newman. I found it in the UI and see that there is a flag that can be passed when calling newman via my pipeline.

.option(‘–no-insecure-file-read’, ‘Prevents reading the files situated outside of the working directory’)

If it is possible to read files from the file system, how is this done? From everything I have seen up to this point, the general consensus is that you cannot read files outside of the sandbox that is Postman other than making API calls in a request. It also sounded like reading files is only possible for using as “data” within a request. Is that “data” available in the pre-request or test scripts of a test?

I (somewhat) have worked around this by stuffing various JS files as variables into my globals file, then doing the IIFE approach to work with it.

I guess my big question is, if the file is local to the postman/newman collection/run, is it possible to read in a file into postman? If not then, what is the point of the --no-insecure-file-read as it seems you already cannot ready files outside of the current working directory? And how would I even set this flag to something else within newman? Would it be --no-insecure-file-read $false or is that still just turning no-insecure-file-read “on”?