Unable to upload file from postman storage (Jenkins+Newman)

Tests are stored in Postman only (no git or something).
Jenkins runs tests using Newman and Postman API (collections are not stored but called by Jenkins)
Test for file upload has a file uploaded to Postman storage (Introducing File Storage for Tests and Requests | Postman Blog)

It runs perfectly locally. But fails when run on Jenkins with Newman with the following error
‘Form param file, file load error: “postman-cloud://
│ /1eec0f3e-dca5-4430-b1ce-744bcc0fa19d”, no such file’

Please suggest how to get it sorted, many tnx

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If your file is available locally within your Jenkins environment, you could try using Newman’s -d option to access a data file. See Newman options.

Hi, are there any plans to have support in Newman for files uploaded to Postman storage? This would made this feature much more useful.

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