Newman htmlextra reporter - More user input needed 😀

@dannydainton - First off, thank you so much for all that you’ve already done for the community. I’m fairly new to postman but I see your name floating around a lot in forums and especially with the reporter you’ve built.

Currently trying to incorporate that reporter in our environment and was running into the very common (realized after looking around on the internet) problem of having isolated html files per collection. I understand the limitations around how newman currently works and why it is not feasible or worth looking into combining collections and generating single reports. But what about a command/flag/sub-command, to generate an html (‘index.html’) with tabs dynamically created per collection. Each collection’s html is injected into the index file respective to their tabs.
An obvious issue with this approach would be an extremely bulky index file (depending on the number of collections). But it at LEAST could give users flexibility to add selected html reports to an index file that automatically tabs them out in categories.

I plan to do that for at least my setup, where we only have 5 collections that we could potentially want an aggregated report for. You may already have gone down this route either mentally or through implementation, what are your thoughts?

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Thanks for this reporter - I believe it is the best out there. I love the way the report shows request and response details, log messages and variables along with the test results. These details allow triage to take place without a local rerun, which saves a bunch of time. Thank you!

Here’s where I believe there could be improvement.

  • When there are more than 100 iterations in a test and there is large output in responses, the reporter becomes sluggish when requests are responses are logged
  • Navigating between iterations can be problematic where there is only a small view of all the iterations, although I do see some recent changes in this area
  • long lines (such as authorization tokens in the header) are not wrapped which pushes the horizontal width of the display for headers and the rest to a very wide box requiring horizontal scrolling to see all columns

Thanks for the continued work on this reporter

That’s interesting, I submitted a PR that should have fixed the wrapping. Might have to have another look at this.

If there was an easy way to determine the number of failed iterations as opposed to failed assertions that would be an awesome improvement

Hey @navigation-saganist2

Thanks for using the reporter and providing feedback. :heart:

Performance-wise, This has been something that has been mentioned in the past and it’s always going to struggle if folks are creating HTML reports with 100’s iterations. That’s a lot of granular information about all aspects of the run going into a static HTML file. I have provided lots of different CLI flags that help you to fine-tune the report to show/not show certain data.

Who is the report generated for? What information is important to them?

Do they want to see and read the granular details of every single request, in every iteration or do they just want a general overview with a big number showing what happened? I personally wouldn’t recommend using the HTML reporter if you’re running Collection through Newman with 100’s of iterations.

Not really sure what you mean by this point, I might need some more context of an example of this behaviour.

Navigating between iterations can be problematic where there is only a small view of all the iterations, although I do see some recent changes in this area

I’m not sure what version you’re using but like @w4dd325 mentioned, he added a fix for that or at least something extremely similar in v1.22.10 :thinking:

Like with the changes that James has made to the project, others have contributed to the report that you are using now - I’m always looking for help to improve the project. It’s an open-source project so if there are changes that you would like to make, please do raise a PR and I can review them. :heart:

Hello Danny,
I was introduced to htmlextra reporter probably one and half years ago.
I fell in love with it first time when I used it. To this date, any collection I run on Postman, this reporter is the first one come into my mind.

Thank you for this wonderful reporting tool!

I still need to master how to change where to store the report and how to name each test (rather than default naming it comes with)

also, I wanted to ask, is there a way to concatenate and pass the system date automatically?
i.e. when I am running a collection and I wanted to name it 'SomeTest - {{today’s date and time or just the date}}.html

or even /some/path/I/want/to/save/'SomeTest - {{today’s date and time or just the date}}.html

The last one is just my wonderment, I am sure there should be some solution out there accomplish just that.

All and all, thank you for providing such a user-friendly, good-looking reporting tool!!

Hey @avionics-specialist4

Appreciate the support and the kind words :heart:

There was a similar question a while back around this topic, on one of the Github Issues. You might fine this response helpful, when setting the timestamp on the filename.

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Danny, Very much appreciate your prompt response!! :slight_smile:
I will check it out for my dilemma.