Newman does not include header pre-set at collection level

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My question:
the tests that require bearer token in authorization header does not work as expected when run from newman. I have a collection where i am send client credentials in OAuth 2.0 and the generated token as the bearer token in the authorization header. When run from postman it works fine but failing to authorize when run from newman.

Details (like screenshots):

How I found the problem:
While automating one of the client application

I’ve already tried:
Unable to find a work around for this issue

Where is that token being stored?

If its an environment variable. Are you including the environment json in the Newman command line parameters?

Hello. I am facing the same issue or very similar one.
JWT auth calculates the token ok for Postman, but fails in Newman. Here is the evidence in Postman

And the evidence that in Newman execution, the Authorization header is not included