Collection Bearer Authentication Works in Postman but not Newman webhook

My question: When I use Postman to run individual requests in a collection, they successfully authenticate using the same Bearer token stored in a global variable.

When I use my SaaS app to trigger the collection from a Newman webhook, I get a 401 response on the individual calls.

Any suggestions of where I might start looking?

Details: I created a Newman webhook URL ( for my SaaS app to trigger a collection.

  • The first call parses the payload and assigns variables for later use.
    *The second call in the collection generates a Bearer token from the app and stores it as a global variable.
    *The third call uses the globally stored Bearer token to POST an update to the record from the original payload.
    *The fourth call uses the globally stored Bearer token to GET additional record information about the record from the original payload.

How I found the problem: Running the collection from Postman works as expected but running the collection by calling the Newman webhook URL returns a 401 response on the third and fourth calls.

I’ve already tried: I am logging the Bearer token and it displays in Postman console. In the Monitor console, the value shows blank.

Is there some nuance with Newman webhook and collections that I missed?

Hi @rmjonesjr

Are you specifying the global variable file when running Newman (using the -g option)?

Run options can be found here;

Sorry for the confusion…I am not running the collection from Newman CL.

I created a webhook URL that calls the postman API via My app triggers this webhook and passes a payload back to the collection.

The first request in the collection, POST, parses the payload correctly.

Is it possible to trigger the webhook URL from Newman CL to better represent the call from the app?