Newman CLI - postman license

To use Newman CLI, is it requires postman licenses?

Newman doesn’t use the Postman Cloud, so no, it doesn’t generally require licences. It’s not affected by Collection Runner limits, etc.

I have observed that Newman cli is faster execution compared to postman collection, is that correct statement?

That depends on a load of factors.

Newman runs locally.

Postman Web runs from the Cloud.

The Postman desktop runs locally but requires you to be logged in,

Performance\execution can depend a lot on on the location of the API’s in relation to where the test is being executed.

If you have a fast PC, then you would expect Newman to run quickly, as its fairly lightweight compared to even the Windows desktop application.

We run some of our collections using Newman in an Azure pipeline. Being that our applications (and authentication servers) are also in Azure, then this runs fairly fast.

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