New account needed ..?

I have postman account already, but are now working with two different Laptops.
Do I need another account for 2nd Laptop or could I use same account?
Currently, when using same account, I’ll get pop-up information:

“Something went wrong. Please try again later”

This error note is popping up whole day already…

Thanks much in advance for your support.


Hi @DoerflerT

Per Postman’s EULA you are allowed to sign in to a max of three (3) computers at once.

5.1 Postman Account

At any given point in time a specific Account may only be logged in on a maximum of three (3) computer systems.

So, there should be no limitations in that sense.

I just tested on my two Mac OS laptops running 10.15.6 on one and 10.15.5 on the other, both with Postman 7.31.1. It worked without an issue. It even gave me a “[CONFLICT]” warning for each API that was changed and saved on the other laptop.

This may be a software issue that the team at Postman may be aware of. To help the team debug this issue, could you please post the following information for the two laptops:

  • Operating System
  • Postman Version Number
  • Internet connection type (WiFi/Wired)
  • Screenshot of the error messages
  • Frequency of the messages

Login Error Postman

thanks for your feedback.

Working on HP EliteBook Laptops, one is 850G5, other 850G6, both with Postman 7.31.1.

Internet connection type: WiFi

Screenshot of message is attached

Frequency of message: each time I’m trying to login with HP 850G6

Also, and strange to me too, if I’m trying to setup new Postman account in HP 850G6, same error message is appearing…

Thanks for your support in advance!
Kind regards,

Hey @DoerflerT

To me, that looks like an old version (the logo looks dated) and signin window - Are you sure that’s the native desktop app and not a chrome app/old browser extension on that machine.

it’s the Desktop app.

That’s the old chrome app and not the native desktop app.

Current app is on 7.31.1