Multiple instances of Postman

Is It possible to launch multiple instances of Postman app from the same host?
The scenario is the following.
Several testers of a same team access a remote Linux machine where Postman is installed. They login using the same Linux user account, so that each of them will launch an instances of Postman under a same Linux user.
However the attempt to run a second instance when a first one is already opened fails. The testers should be able to work concurrently so that each can run some part of a shared collection.
Any help?

Indeed my original problem is that if two testers run 2 instances of Postman in the described conditions, the last one gets back this error “main error “WindowManager~getSharedWindow: Shared window is not available”” and the app fails to open.
If any has a solution to this root cause, it’s appreciated

Hmmm you can open multiple windows of a single Postman instance.

This is in Mac, I would believe we’d have a similar option in Windows.

Also if you want to work on shared collections at the same time, created a Postman team would be easier. There is a free tier and you can have 25 shared requests for free which will sync across a team workspace.

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