Multi separatorSequence in csv Parsing Options

Hi All,

I would like to parse a csv file in postman, but sometimes the dilimetr between the fields is “;” and sometimes it is “,”. Can I specify in my code that either of those could be a separatorSequence.
Currently I’m using only “;”, like this, and I want my code to pparse csv files with “,” as well:

“separatorSequence”: “;”,

Thanks a lot.

Are you using the csv for data driven could you add an example

I want to send a Push API to a third party to push their CSV files to our database, but their CSV files sometimes has ; as s separator between the columns and sometimes , “comma”.
Hi, here is what I have:
“targetName”: “------”,
“type”: “DELTA”,
“dataPoolId”: “{{POOL_ID}}”,
“connectioId”: null,
“fileType”: “CSV”,
“csvParsingOptions”: {
“quoteSequence”: “”",
“separatorSequence”: “;”,
“lineEnding”: “\r”,
“dateFormat”: “ hh:mm:ss”
“tableSchema”: {
“tableName”: “------”,
“columns”: [

I want to add more than one separatorSequence in case the uploded file for the Push API has ; or , as a seperator.

Hope that makes it more clear.

Thanks a lot.