How to deal with reading array of strings from csv , when the key needs array of input values

How to deal with reading values from csv , when the key needs array of input values
Eg :
my request body like this


“destinationCountry”: “FR”,

“postalCode”: “1001”,

“packages”: [{

  "size": {

    "width": 10,

    "height": 10,

    "length": 10


  "volume": 1000,

  "weight": 50000,

  "value": 1


“allowedCarriers”: [“A1”,“A2”],

“allowedwarehouses”: [“ABC”,“CDA”]


How to enter array of string values in allowedcarriers and allowedwarehouses after reading from the csv file

My CSVfile looks like this

Now i want to enter array of values in to carrier and warehouse values

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Just to add to what @hannah.neil provided, to achieve your requirement do:

make the array as variable in your body:


Now in prerequest:

  pm.variables.set("array", JSON.stringify(data['carrier'].split("|")))

@praveendvd @hannah.neil Thanks a lot guys it is working perfectly fine. Again I really appreciate you inputs.


So glad it worked! Thanks for letting us know :rocket: