Monitors that post to Twitter stopped working

[EDIT to update events:]

I’ve noticed that my Postman monitors that either post to or retweet on Twitter stopped working at some time on Sunday morning. The monitors were paused (and not by me!) . Then as I checked them again on Monday, they all showed the green icon, as if running. However, not only tweets are not being posted or retweeted, but when I try to run any green-lighted monitor, it returns a message “The monitor could not be run”.


I’ve checked the monitors and there are no console logs. I’ve also checked the usage and I’m just in the beginning of the month-long cycle, so there’s plenty of room there.

Was this something Postman did to wait until Twitter fully resolves the issues they faced last week? If so, will Postman automatically restart the monitors after this issue is over?

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Hey @floripare

As this is a user account question, I would recommend dropping us a message on to discuss this monitoring behaviour in a little more detail with the team.

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Thank you. I’ve sent them a message referencing this topic.

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Postman support responded that this is actually an issue for which a patch is being prepared. Should be fixed by tomorrow.