Problem with Monitors not working

My question:

I am having issue with running my collection on the Monitors. It runs with no issues on the runner, but does not on the Monitors. It gives me error 401 Unauthorized only when I use the Monitors.

Details (like screenshots):

How I found the problem:
I want to to automate the collection to be ran automatically every x amount of hours every day. I made sure my workflow is working with the runner. However, it is not with the Monitors
I’ve already tried:

I use oAuth2.0 for the request that I am having issues with.
The request has pre-requests and tests.
The token is not expired.

Hi! Are there any clues in the Console Log tab?

Those are the errors I am getting.

he website needs credentials to sign into. I was able to understand what is causing the problem, monitors are not using the headers and body. The token is in the header and the monitor is not putting the headers in the URL. That is what is causing the issue to happen. Any idea on how to solve it?

I’m seeing a similar issue when running a monitor, I think for me it’s because I have my sensitive data as the current value in my environment variables and the monitor can’t access them.

Is there a best practice to expose that private data safely for monitors?

Hi @vicmu i am also looking for solution of this issue,Do you have any update ?

@cruxto @vicmu

If you trust Postman with your collections and tokens, you also need to trust the Monitor with your token. Otherwise, you need to use Newman and run this on your own infrastructure.