Monitoring Tool stuck in "run starting"

After upgrading to v6.0.9, the collection I setup within the Monitoring tool no longer exist. After creating a new monitor I am still unable to see the results. When I trigger the run, the monitoring tool displays “run starting” and has not completed after waiting an hour. It is a small test, only 3 requests, and should not take longer than 300 ms.

Is anyone having this issue?

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I’m experiencing this as well, good to know it’s not just me. I just upgraded to v6.0.9 as well. I have 9 monitors in a team collection, with a handful of requests in each one. They run once daily and have been running fine until the scheduled run today. It’s been about 3 hours from when they were supposed to run. I added another collection that was created after this upgrade and it has not run either (when trying to manually start it).

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@j.colonio @cmercer-ut

Thanks for posting – apologies for any inconvenience this may be causing! We’re investigating what might be going on.

@Chris @cmercer-ut

It seems the issue is occurring when i create a monitor within the “Team” workspace. In my “personal” workspace, the monitoring tool works.

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“Team” Workspace monitors are working now. However, the iteration still does not trigger a run. I have my iteration set to run every 5 minutes.

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@j.colonio @cmercer-ut We ran into some problems with our scheduler, they were resolved around March 7, 01:00 UTC. Are you still seeing persistent monitor run delays?

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@godfrzero My team and personal scheduler are running now.

Thank You

@godfrzero I have noticed that I am still receiving emails from the old monitor (scheduler) that was lost after the 6.0.9 update. When i click the email hyperlink, I am directed to the “can’t seem to find this monitor” page.

My team monitors fired on schedule. Thanks!

Could you shoot us an email at with the ID of the monitor? Just sending us the link from the email should be enough.

@godfrzero will do. thank you