Monitor response time discrepancy

I have setup monitors to check the health of the environment. After the scheduled monitor is run I am observing discrepancy in the monitor response time in the graph to the response time displayed for the request. Hence can someone please let me know why is the discrepancy? Any issue with my assertion?

The assertion used in the test are below.

let time = new Date(pm.response.responseTime);

pm.test("Response time below 10 seconds. Time taken is: "+ (time.getSeconds()) + ' seconds', function() {
    pm.expect(pm.response.responseTime, "Response time was above 10 seconds");

After the monitor is run the the response when hovered over the graph for that specific time displays 2.43 seconds where as in Test Results it is 1.573 seconds.

Can someone please advise what is the issue with my assertion. Does it needs to be tuned?

Please find the attached screenshot.

Hey @ramofficial1 :wave:

Do you have more that 1 request running in that Monitor?

That response time on the graph should be resenting the sum of all the request on that run.

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