Convert response time to seconds

I am getting response time for an API but need to convert it to seconds and display. Can someone please help me on this?


var time = pm.response.responseTime

pm.test("Response time is less than 10 seconds. Time taken is: "+ time + ' ms', function() {
    pm.expect(pm.response.responseTime, "Response time was longer than 10 seconds");

As of now time is displayed in milli seconds and want it to be displayed in seconds. Or I can do it with a simple math as below?

timeinseconds = time/1000;

/1000 is the common way to convert milliseconds to seconds, so if that works then it should be fine.

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You could also use the new Date() object and the different methods to get specific granular time values.

let time = new Date(pm.response.responseTime);

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Thanks a lot, Danny. It worked perfectly.

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