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I received a request from a client stating, “When users perform Sensitivity Label Downgrade, they should send us an email.” I am considering achieving this using Power Automate. However, I’m having trouble filtering within the URI or in the queries section of the HTTP action. I will provide both a screenshot and the text of the HTTP query I’ve attempted. If anyone has experience with this type of log filtering or has alternative methods, I would appreciate the assistance.


Thank you.

Hey @p4la :wave:

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You’re not using Postman for this or sharing the APIs documentation for anyone to suggest how this could be achieved using Postman.

Can you provide more details and context to allow people to help you, please.

Hello @danny-dainton,

I’m actually trying the same parameters within Postman. That’s why I wanted to share it here. I’m sharing the screenshot of the Postman I used. I’m not quite sure what kind of information needs to be shared, so any guidance would be appreciated.

It wasn’t clear from your original question that you were using Postman :sweat_smile:

I don’t know that API and I’m sure many others on the forum alse don’t know it either, unless there is some level of documentation for the API that we can see or follow - It’s difficult to point to a particular thing.

How do you currently know that the URL should be structured in that way, are you following a guide or some instructions about how to use the API?

I’ve seen in forums that they use this API or a similar one in this way. I couldn’t find much in their documentation. I’m leaving their documents below.

REST API - Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps | Microsoft Learn