The 'get' operation I applied generates excessive logs


I want to capture a specific log using Postman. I have the necessary URI for this purpose. However, every time I run this URI, it generates an excessive amount of search and validate logs. The URI I am using is “”. I need to capture those within the activities where FileSensitivityLabelChanged occurs. Since I’m new to Postman, I wanted to try the filters, but I’m overwhelmed by the excessive logging. We want to run this query every 5 minutes. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’m not sure what your actual question is here.

If its how to apply the filters to the request, then this will be down to the API specification.

That is if the API actually supports filtering.

If it doesn’t support filtering. Then you might be able to filter on the response using JavaScript, and then use the Visualizer to see the results.

I would recommend updating your question, including an example request (redacted as appropriate) and an example response (including at least 2-3 records). Plus any links to the API specification. I’m assuming that FileSensitivityLabelChanged is an availble key in the response.

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