Managing Published APIs with Constant API Schema Changes

Currently we have a GitHub repo integrated with our Postman workspace, where we connect all of our API definitions, generated a collection from the definition and instruct end users to fork from the API to ensure access to the latest API schema from our public services.

That said…how do you advise end users to fork the API so they always have the latest API version? For example, if someone forks the published API version 1.2, and then we pull new schema changes into that API, and publish a new version 1.3 - do end users have to fork that new published API? Are they notified of that new version? Can they pull those changes from 1.3 into their 1.2 version they forked?

How do you suggest we advise our end users to access the latest API schemas? Should we not publish multiple versions of the API?

Seeking advice on best practices regarding this workflow!

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