Postman 9.0: Syncing API schemas with GitHub automatically

Before Postman 9.0 we had a way to automatically sync API schemas with a GitHub repository. After the 9.0 update, in the new API-level sync, we need to manually pull the schema changes after the repository has been updated.

We have an automated CI/CD system that runs a Postman collection using newman, this Postman collection retrieves a schema from an API definition and uses this to run tests against.

The schema that is retreived by the Postman collection used to be updated automatically by pushing a schema to a GitHub repository, allowing the tests to pass. However, in the new functionality, it is required that a user manually pulls the schema from the repository after it has been updated.

I have found no way to automate this task, leading to this CI/CD testing system to be completely useless as tests are ran against an old schema and some will fail.

Question: Is there a way to switch back to the old functionality or automate the pulling of the schema from the repository?

Note: For some reason, the schema isn’t rendered correctly as seen on the screenshot. This however is a minor issue compared to the one I described above. Howevery, any input that can clarify why this happens is welcomed.