Mac Desktop Socket.IO not showing

I’ve updated to the latest version of the Mac Desktop application (v8.9.1) and I’m trying to set up a WebSocket with Socket.IO. In the documentation (, it shows a dropdown to the right of the address to switch from Raw to Socket.IO.

I am not seeing this.

I’ve tried uninstalling, redownloading, and reinstalling the latest Postman, and still no luck.

See the screenshot below of what I’m seeing.

I tried using the web version, which shows the dropdown, but then directs me to use the Desktop app. See the screenshot below.

Am I missing something?

Quick reply, I just found out that this is only available via PostmanCanary currently.

@ambr_amontalbano Socket.IO support is now available in the latest Postman app v8.10.0.

In Postman Web, you have to install the desktop agent (different menu-bar app) from here: to connect with your WebSocket server.