Lot of questions, tool very limited?

Following has been a real headache

  • Generated code doesn’ really work. Doesn’t include any JS I write in pre-request for one thing? Also how do I get it to generate JS that uses pm.sendRequest? is there a JS module that contains
    pm.sendRequest so I can at least copy/paste my pre-request stuff to it?

  • It is a nodeJS app so why can it not simply generate a JS file I can run with nodeJS? why newman which is so opaque and limited?

  • Any way to see all code a test runs at the same time? vs click here to see pre-request stuff,
    back out to see body etc. Like reading a book where you can only see part of the page at any
    one time !!!

  • Please don’t tell me the JS modules I can use are limited? why ? what on earth?

  • How do I set breakpoints, halt execution, stop code from running, bale out of test if something breaks

Pretty frustrating tool so far, seems like a fancy veneer over limited functionality


@mdunf -

First, the vast majority of folks answering these questions are community members taking their own time to volunteer their personal knowledge. While it’s absolutely ok to express your frustration respectfully and productively on this forum, you must follow the Postman code of conduct and keep our community civil. If more flags accrue, you’ll be automatically removed. And if you’re hoping to get some answers, consider asking questions in the manner you would ask a friend or co-worker.

Second, that is indeed a lot of questions, rolled into one.

  1. Check out the Postman learning center, and if you still have questions, ask each one as a separate post. That makes it easier for the folks who are answering and also searching for answers in the future.

  2. Sounds like you might have some feature requests or product feedback as well. If so, you can weigh in on, and request, new features here.


I am not sure what offence was given in mdunf’s post…
… sure there is frustration but you appear to be applying censorship rather than mediating for good behaviour.

I also checked the second comment made that was temporarily hidden. AGAIN, ok it’s a bit dramatic, but it seems like you are cutting out criticism rather than moderating. I do disagree with the drama, but I also disagree with your reaction, and I support the member right to self expression within parameters

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Hi there @GIGAMAC - the comments were privately flagged as inappropriate by other community members who took offense.

To maintain the forum, moderators look at reported violations of the Postman code of conduct. The mods can either remove an abusing member from the forum right away, or the forum will do that for us automatically after so many flags. We can also post, and try to help folks be more civil, productive, etc.

And I believe it’s an automatic feature of the Discourse forum to temporarily hide a comment, in this case, when someone is flagged as inappropriate X number of times within X number of time. Maybe that’s why it’s marked as “temporarily” hidden, and may eventually be displayed, but not sure.

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Thanks for clarification.
I plainly ruffled a lot of feathers by comments which were aimed solely at what I see as the many limitations of the product.
I suspect there is no real rebuttal, my points are valid. Hence the aggrieved resorted to
what is essentially censorship, hiding the truth or refusing to debate it.
There is an epidemic of user frustration with software marketed as a complete solution but in
reality being far from it. As a professional I think I am helping others who encounter these
problems know they are not the only ones.

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@mdunf I appreciate your enthusiasm in pointing out what you find as flaws in the Postman ecosystem. I will second @joyce here and say that your way of expressing yourself is in violation of our community code of conduct.

Also, like Joyce said, it will be helpful if you go through Postman’s documentation and file specific issues. Most of the things you have talked about in your original post stem from a different understanding of Postman than what it is supposed to do for you. We always acknowledge there are gaps, which is why we have our public issue queue and this community forum. Postman runs on community feedback and will continue to do so.

@GIGAMAC, to your point, the questions and follow-up comments were neither constructive nor helpful to the community. That is why @mdunf did not receive point to point replies to their questions.

We can debate about free speech and censorship, but this is not the right forum to do so. But in a nutshell, free speech is also the right to stand up for abusive use of free speech. As far as censorship is concerned, maintaining a civilised discourse is the responsibility of the community and enforcing it is the role of the moderators.

We will be more than happy to accommodate your queries should you decide to refrain from ranting and abusive methods of expression and adopt a polite way of asking for help or channeling your grievances. Till then, I am going to close this thread to prevent new replies. If this carries on, we will have no choice but to temporarily block @mdunf from posting in this forum.