Losing Users after sunsetting Scratch Pad

I do not understand why postman decided to remove the ability to use features when not signing into an account.

There are several situations where I need to test API connections and DO NOT want the information stored on a 3rd party server. Furthermore, there are times when I want different setups and connections stored on different computers.

Using the local scratchpad this was easy. I refuse to continue using it while my data is being stored and potentially used by postman; from what I can tell this is an arbitrary limitation placed to require people to store their data with postman.

Unfortunately that also means that this is the end of a long-time relationship with postman.

I have several co-workers who also feel the same way, and entire companies who will cease using postman because their company policies do not allow any company data to be stored on a 3rd party server.

It’s disappointing that this is the route that postman has chosen to take.

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Hey @kwmike212 :wave:

Welcome to the Postman Community! :postman:

We announced back in May that we were sunsetting the Scratch Pad and were releasing a Lightweight API Client. The reason for us doing this are in the blog post, as well as a FAQ section that addressed some of the questions that we received about the change.

In terms of how the data is stored and used in Postman, here’s a link to our Security and Trust FAQs which provides some more granular information. If you would request to download our latest SOC 2 report, SOC 3 report, CSA STAR and Security Features Report documents - You can do this from our Security and Trust Portal.

The Lightweight API Client would still give you the ability to work offline and allow you to send HTTP, WebSocket, gRPC, and GraphQL requests to test your APIs. However, in order to use Collections, Environments and the other feature of the platform, you will need to be online and signed in.

If you have further questions about the change, please email us with questions at migrate@postman.com.