Postman flow loop indexing issue

Hello community

I have a flow that stops executing even though my loop has not completed and I believe it has to do with indexing but I am not sure and do not know how to resolve it, if it is.

Here is my flow:


I think it stops because I have selected when running a request through the loop

Otherwise, maybe something else is wrong with my loop that I am unaware of.


Hi @legiuffre

Looks like the evaluate block on top might be causing it. Try combining that evaluate item with the output of the Send Request block in a record block and sending both through the β€œdata” port of the If block so the values only go through when the condition is true.

For example:

While that was probably an issue, I also identified that there are duplicate records in my result set which appear to be messing with the loop. Do you have any advice on error handling this way?

Try using the $distinct FQL function if the items are exactly the same in every way.

Hello again

I modified the result set to not include duplicates and still am stuck in a loop:

Disregard, I am not sure what happened but it is working now as expected.

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