Login to Office 365


I’m trying to use the new Desktop app with Office 365. The Chrome app used the authentication of the browser, so no Problem. However, I can’t find out the right login settings for the new app.
I tried Digest Auth and entered Username/Password, but it didn’t work.

Any idea how to authenticate the right way?

Thanks, Bernhard

You can try copying over the cookies from the browser over to Postman. Can be done through Chrome settings or through Chrome DevTools.

Thanks - it seems that a Azure AD application needs to be registered, I have found some info in this document:
This is a bit ugly as we work with multiple tenants - also customer tenants where we can’t set up an AAD app. It used to be easier with the Chrome app as Postman used the authentication from the browser and no additional setup was required.

Agree. We are working on integrating the Interceptor with the app. We will have an ETA soon.