Login to app from browser

For a testing app, had bigger expectations. I try to login to app, it sends me to browser, and the app decided to open edge, which will never go past “See if you’re human”… I took the link that opened Edge and quickly opened chrome, and i logged into chrome.

However still cant login into the app because it opens edge which is still checking if im human for like 2 weeks. Cmon guys, why it has to be that hard?

It’s opening Edge as I suspect that is your default browser.

It does work in Edge, as that is what I use on my corporate device.

Perhaps set Chrome as your default browser.

Had similar experience,

Was trying to use Postman VSCode extension, the login was redirected to browser and was stuck at the verifying page for quite some long, decided to log in already to Postman in the browser and then try to login via the extension in VSCode, this worked for me.

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