Logging a multidimensional array as console.table

is it possible log a table of data to console log? Similar to what

I am trying to eval if I can use postman to create a summary of information that looks like…

a two dimintional array

Total Packages | 100
Total Jobs Created | 90
Total Failed Jobs | 50
Total Completed Jobs | 40

A 3 diminutional array

Failed | Processing | 10
Failed | Packaging | 10
Failed | Delivery | 10

I was thinking each table could be a separate array. I am going to get each array item by parsing a JSON response of an API iterated with a few thousand records feed from a csv.

plz advice if there is a better way to log this info.

You would have to submit a new feature on the support site. as of now that is not available.

Also, your examples are just array, a milt-dimensional array is an array of arrays. just an FYI

Thx for confirmation its not an option right now.

I guess you got the intent of my request. I wasn’t sure how to put it down visually. On the 2nd table above …the 2nd column is essentially an array of its own.