LGBTQ+ Pride Public Workspace 🏳️‍🌈

:rainbow_flag: Each June, LGBTQ+ Pride Month is celebrated in around the world :rainbow_flag:

@meenakshi.dhanani and I have put together an LGTBQ+ Pride public workspace for dedicated LGBTQ+ resources. We’ve included collections for finding STEM opportunities, locating safe bathrooms, and understanding state-level legislation on LGBTQ+ issues.

These APIs and this workspace are very US-focused. We’re still looking for LGBTQ+ resources in other countries. Do you know of any?

Meaningful contributions will receive special Postman pride stickers :rainbow:


We wrote a blog post about it, too.

This workspace isn’t just for LGBTQ+ people. It also suggests ways that the API community can show up and support LGBTQ+ communities as allies. For example, installing the Safe Space Assist Slack bot will help your coworkers find bathrooms that are safe for LGBTQ+ individuals. Not all of your coworkers may be out yet. This is proactively inclusive. :hugs:

Cheers to the fellow LGBTQ+ folks in the Postman Community. Wherever you are in your journey, I’m glad you’re here today :clinking_glasses: :rainbow:


Amazing work @hannah.neil, @meenakshi.dhanani, and everyone else who helped make this happen. Proud to be part of such an amazing team!



In case you feel you aren’t as aware or informed about the subject or may not have enough resources, don’t worry. Building this workspace with @hannah.neil has exposed me to a lot of information on the subject, and I’m glad I took it up. Building or creating content, resources can also be a way to learn about the subject. You needn’t be an expert to contribute. I’m glad I signed up for this :slight_smile: